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(hitmanassasin@protonmail.ch)Hire a hitman online. How can i

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(hitmanassasin@protonmail.ch)Hire a hitman online. How can i hire a hitman or assassin (wickr-hitmanassasin)
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-Always use secure mail apps with complete anonymity such as

1) Tutanota.com

2) Protonmail.com

3) Openmailbox.org

use burnerapss such as wickr app downloadble on playstore and appsotre

-Always make payments on BITCOIN only, never use prepaid cards, banks, paypal and the rest.

-Don't communicate your personal information online.

Hire a killer, assassin on the internet. Russian diaspora site of international assassins. Our mercenaries are in all major cities of the world!

The main range of our services:

1) Gunshot killings. Professionally.

2) Slaughter with a knife with imitation of street robbery.

3) Kidnapping of a person followed by murder and disposal of the body.

4) the Poisoning with high-quality Substances toxic, toxins. Our poisons were created in private laboratories to order and their use ensures that forensic examination will not be able to identify the fact of intentional poisoning. Such killings look like death for natural reasons .

5) Explosions, arson and intimidation actions. Including production sabotage and destruction of objects of your competitors without obvious signs of intentional destruction.

Our age with In of street-view video cameras, we are able to hide professionally from video cameras.

The no a leave for We traces, hooks, fingerprints and DNA. Our people are reliable.

They are well trained, educated and instructed in all areas of criminal ac tivity.

Dealing with us, you are dealing with are Professionals. Our services are expensive, but their quality will delight you.

If you want to order a Murder, the write us an an e-mail ( «averange», you CAN see IT in the photo The)

If you want to a purchase of a firearm, the write to us AT the wickr id the post (pictured) Delivery of weapons is Carried out by the transport Company About enterprise | by DHL.

CAN you the find Pricing on Our site found here:

We have no moral restrictions, we the kill everyone, even the if we are picture talking about women, children or old people. No matter a good person or a bad one, we do not care.

By ordering a murder from us, Our hiring killers, you CAN That the BE sure the will of the assassins do Their job and the kill your Enemies, for They are whatever.

It is cynical, But IT is Vital. You can easily hire a hit man for money on the Internet, knowing us and our service. We will become your reliable tool for achieving your goals.

This is our job, our business, our vocation.


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